Brievenbusreclame Congress: The development of the digital and paper publication

On Thursday May 21st the Brievenbusreclame congress in Maarssen has taken place. It was already the 19th edition of the congress. This congress was all about the future of (online) publications. The latest figures about the digital publications were shared by NOM. sponsored the event and they provided us with information about the event.


The use of the digital and paper publication in the Netherlands

Every year the NOM Publication Monitor provides us with figures about the digital and paper publication in the Netherlands. It appears that 81% of respondents comes into action after reading the publication. The digital publication reaches more and more readers and it becomes more popular in the Netherlands. The number of readers of the digital publication is 3.9 million. The printed publication are doing much better with a number of 12.7 million people.


Despite the fact that the printed publications are still used more, digital is getting more popular. This is reflected in the number of people who are going to specific sites. 2.9 million people visit those sites regularly. Besides, NOM noticed that 24% of the Dutch people view the publication both offline and online.


You can download the report of the NOM Folder Monitor 2015 here.


The best publications created in the Netherlands won an award

We paid attention to the ‘’Beste Folder Award’’ in our previous blog. We proudly present that our online publication for Intratuin is rewarded as the best publication in the category Non-Food. You can find the names of the winners in that specific blog.


A debate about the future of the online and paper publication

As a sponsor of the congress, colleague Bastiaan Neurink participated in the debate and discussed about five statements. One of the main outcomes is that digital publications will play more and more a substantial role. Just a simple copy of the offline publication implemented in the digital canals will not work anymore. This is one of the reasons why it is important to add interactive functions to the digital version and align the content with the relevant segments. Relevance will be the most important factor in creating the most appropriate publication.


We see you next year!

We are very satisfied about the congress this year. The unique location and the informal communication with other attendees made it possible to come to new innovating insights! We are provided with lots of new ideas. We will be present next year and share our knowledge about the new possibilities with regard to digital publications.

Project Manager